Our independent advice will ensure you have the right financial protection cover for your needs

As well as being providing expert guidance and support on mortgages to our clients in Dorset and the surrounding areas, at The Mortgage Place we also offer financial protection advice through a range of insurances.

A life cover plan that is best suited to you

Nobody wants to think about the worst-case scenarios. But if you have dependants or are the main earner, whether that’s a spouse or partner or a family with young children, then peace of mind will come from knowing they will be protected if anything goes wrong.

One of the ways you can do this is by taking out life assurance. For a small sum each month, your family will receive a one-off lump payment in the event of your death. Life assurance cover can help them meet costs such as paying off a mortgage or outstanding loans and liabilities.

How The Mortgage Place Can Help

As a responsible, experienced mortgage broker in Dorset, we can help you source the right life cover to protect your family if tragedy strikes. The Mortgage Place offers an array of life assurance policies. These can be tailored to you and your family’s requirements, based on your own financial circumstances. Life cover is probably one of the most affordable insurances that can be taken out. As independent financial advisors, we can source a plan that will fit in with your budget and your life situation.

While you are considering life assurance, it’s also beneficial to think about other insurance options that can help protect you and your family by providing a cushion for you and your family if things go wrong. Our experienced team can also offer offer financial protection advice on insurances such as:

  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Income Protection
  • Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Cover.

Protecting Your Plans For the Future

The Association of British Insurers estimates that each year, around one million people in the UK suffer a serious illness or injury that leaves them unable to work. If this happens to you and you have no contingency in place to protect your existing income, it is likely to seriously alter any plans you might have had for the future.

Critical Illness cover is a form on insurance that will provide you and your family with a payment in the event of the policy holder being diagnosed with a serious illness. Having this type of insurance in place in the event you become ill is invaluable. It will provide a degree of financial security in the form of a lump sum of money. This could be used to repay a mortgage, a loan or even to fund adjustments around the home that could make life more manageable if you became disabled.  Critical Illness cover can either be purchased as a stand-alone product or as an element of a wider life assurance policy.

Income protection cover can be taken out by anyone who is working, whether that’s as an employee or on a self-employed basis.  Responsibility for a mortgage, household bills and day to day expenses all rests with the main household earner. Nobody likes to think what the outcome might be if things go wrong, but accidents and illnesses do happen. Income protection insurance can safeguard your family’s short term future. It can make life more comfortable in the event of life changing injuries or a diagnosed illness that leads to an inability to work.  A good income protection plan will continue to pay out an income to you for the whole period during which you are unable to return to work. The typical policy will only expire when you reach your normal retirement age.

Accident, Sickness and Unemployment cover (ASU) is a specific type of insurance policy. It offers you and your family financial protection if at any stage during its term you are unable to continue working. The usual circumstances in which the policy will pay out are if:

  • You fall ill and are unable to attend your regular place of work; or
  • You cannot work due to injury; or
  • You lose your job – for example, such as redundancy through no fault of your own.

As a rough guide, the typical ASU policy will pay out an agreed proportion of your income for a period of up to twelve months. Unlike Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance or Payment Protection Insurances, these payments are not restricted for a specific purpose. You can use the money you receive from ASU to meet any of your monthly outgoings.

Sleep easier at night, knowing that those you love and have responsibilities towards will not have to struggle in the event of your death.  Contact The Mortgage Place today for no obligation, free advice. We will advise you on financial protection solutions such as Accident, Sickness and Unemployment cover for you and your dependents.

Home and contents insurance to protect your property and valuables

Home insurance, often also known as Buildings insurance, is not a legal requirement. But it is usually the cornerstone of any financial planning you might have in place as a property owner. Your home is your most valuable asset, and you will gain peace of mind by knowing it is protected if the worst comes to the worst. For a small monthly payment, you can ensure you are covered for:

  • Smoke and fire damage
  • Damage caused by flooding
  • Damage or loss resulting from theft or attempted theft
  • Structural damage to the fabric of the building, such as that caused by falling trees

Taking out Buildings insurance also safeguards you against any potential liabilities resulting from harm caused to others’ property or person. For instance, the policy may cover damage to a neighbour’s car if one of your roof tiles blows off and damages it.

Contents insurance is often an afterthought for many households. Either it is not considered essential or they will take out a standard policy from their mortgage provider with little thought for the detail.

Take a moment to consider the high-value items around your home and how you would go about replacing them in the event of a fire or flood. From a large screen HDTV to multiple laptops and tablets, all that adds up. You soon realise how expensive it would be to have to replace all those items out of your own pocket.

You may also have artwork, antiques or valuable jewellery. While some of these items may be irreplaceable, a good contents insurance policy would at least recompense you for their loss in the event of a disaster.

The Mortgage Place offers financial protection advice on insurances to cover your possessions, your income and your future financial security.  Make sure that you are adequately covered against theft, damage or loss, by meeting independent financial advisor to find a policy that best suits your needs. And that’s what we do at The Mortgage Place. We’re not just a mortgage broker; we can also help secure your possessions and your home through the right forms of insurance.

The Mortgage Place offers services throughout Dorset and surrounding areas. We can meet you either at our offices or at the location of your choice.  Speak with us about financial protection advice and the insurances we can arrange. Contact us for an appointment to discuss how we can help you best protect your property and valuables.