Options for landlords

Whether you are buying your first property as a landlord, or looking to refinance or expand your portfolio The Mortgage Place can help. Choose from one of the three options below that best describes your needs for more information:

Buying your first investment property?

Well, purchasing a property can be a really good place to put any spare money you may have. But becoming a landlord can also come with a number of considerations that owning your own home does not have. Fear not, we are here to guide you through and make sure that you consider all the variables. The Mortgage Place will not only work to get you the best deal for what you are looking to do. We will also discuss with you whether you should go the route of an interest only or repayment mortgage, or whether to fix or go for a variable interest rate.

We do differ from a lot of companies as we will not charge you for dealing with your buy to let or keeping an eye on your deals to ensure you stay on the most cost effective options for you.

Buying your next property to expand your portfolio?

So, you already have a grasp of the property market and are looking to expand your empire! The Mortgage Place can help with this by looking at where the deposit for your new property is coming from and securing you the funds to purchase your next place on your way to property domination!

Looking to refinance your existing properties?

Have you come to the end of your current deal with your lender? Or do you just want to see if you can get a better deal than you currently have? Why not let The Mortgage Place take a look and let you know whether it is worth breaking a deal or getting some more money out of your property. We will scour the market to get the best deal and all fee free!

Whether you are buying your first property as a landlord, or looking to refinance or expand your portfolio, The Mortgage Place can help provide you with financial options.

Our highly experienced mortgage advisors are friendly, professional and knowledgeable people who will work with you to understand your specific needs and requirements as a landlord. What’s more, we will not charge you for our services. The lender pays our commission once a deal has been agreed.

For advice on which of our mortgages will be best for your requirements, contact us for an appointment.