Who we are and what we do

At The Mortgage Place, we specialise in providing our customers with a personalised service and mortgage solutions and independent financial advice to meet their individual needs, not just for now but for the future.

There are lots of mortgage lenders and comparison sites out there offering deals and packages, but how do you know the offer is right for you?

At The Mortgage Place, we do not provide one size fits all to our services. We listen, understand and hear your individual needs and your requirements. And we will work hard to find the right solution to make your need a reality.

Working on an individual level means we can ensure you are getting the right solution and that there are no hidden surprises. We work to identify and overcome any roadblocks to securing the right funding for your home.

Why are we unique?

The Mortgage Place has built its business on providing a responsible, reliable, flexible, personalised service and one where our customers can have every confidence not just in who we are but can trust in what we do.

We are fully regulated, audited and compliant like all providers, but uniquely we offer something else; a local, approachable service that tailors solutions to your individual needs, making that place of your own a reality.

We know that yours and your family’s future is critical to you. But we also understand that your time is precious. We provide a comprehensive service in all aspects of mortgage provision and financial planning for the future, bespoke to your requirements, even down to the last detail, like meeting with you at a time and place that fits in with your schedule.

A Flexible Service Tailored to Your Needs

Flexibility is key. We know your life is busy, so we’ll fit in with your schedule. We can meet you face-to-face, either at our offices or at the location of your choice. You can call us to make an appointment at a time and on a date that’s convenient for you. Alternatively, please feel free to phone us any time with your queries.

Our People are Who We Are

At The Mortgage Place, we pride ourselves on getting to know our clients first and foremost, so that we can build a constructive and productive long term relationship with each and every one of them.  We have rapidly become the team of choice for many local residents who are looking for a proactive and forward thinking firm that puts their interests at heart.

Contact us to find out how our mortgage solutions and financial advice can help you with your property finance requirements.